Our project merges two essential areas of contemporary architecture. Vintage 14 aims to create comfortable living areas through the combination of interior design and the sourcing of furniture (and décor) pieces that will transform your interiors into unique and endearing spaces.
We don’t believe in sustainability we are part of this idea and we certainly know it is necessary and the unique way. We have a solid inscription in the well-known circular economy that tackle to reduce the amount of waste and pollution helping. Not only to create an environmental friendly and healthy economy, but also as a way or reclaiming the Twenty century aesthetic heritage born of the hybridization Industry-handcraft where merge concepts as equality, harmony and humanity. Essentials for our peaceful living and coexistence.


V14 saves energy and lot of care and effort putting in place our eco-friendly restoration process. The management processes, the materials used in the whole process are based in the recycling idea and in the uses of only products and brand that comply with this commitments. Our team of restorers work hard and with a lot of care in our workshop finding spares and material from irretrievable old furniture reducing the impact of consuming raw materials.


Vintage 14.com, is a small business formed by a Restorer and an Interior Designer that grows with a firm commitment to help the sustainable development of the society and the environments with which interact. This firm commitment to protect our environment is the main soul of our small business.

Vintage14 was born in 2001, as a result of our close relationship with Judith Wells a Scottish Antique Dealer based in Madrid and one of Miguel’s friend and customer. Without Judith, Vintage14.com wouldn´t exit. She showed us the specialised market of Antiques in United Kingdom.

In 2014, and with our two years old daughter, we decided to move to England from Spain to grow our specialised business in the Mid-Century antiques. From here we organise our main activity. Recently and due to the Brexit, we opened a warehouse in Zaragoza, Spain to group our pieces coming from UK and from our small base in Skjern, Denmark to have them ready exported for the European Market.