Sofa and two armchairs From Barrow Court House (black leather)


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A beautiful set of sofas and armchairs from Barrow Court House in Somerset, England.
Barrow Court is a manor house in Barrow Gurney, Somerset, England. The site was originally Barrow Gurney Nunnery, which was rebuilt in the 16th and 19th centuries. It has been designated a Grade II* listed building.
The set includes a sofa, two armchairs, and a stool.
All the furniture is made of genuine black leather.
I emphasize the elegance and beauty of the set. It features rich black leather and a contemporary sofa shape. Not to mention how comfortable all three pieces are. I emphasise the elegance and beauty of the set, It is featured for the richness of its black leather and the contemporary shape of the sofa, I have no to mention how comfortable are the three pieces.
The significance of the set, given its origins in such a historic and elegant building.
Owning a set like this one from Barrow Court House would be a unique and memorable addition to any home.


65 – 50 x 50 H 40cm

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L. 200-154 cm

W. 100-58 cm

H. 86-66-46 cm