• Arkana Dining table and eight chairs

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    Arkana Dining table and eight chairs

    Arkana table with the top in vibrant teak and a set of eight chairs also by Ariana. The Arkana table belongs to the 31 models.

    The teakwood of the top has bees restored completely, the leg and chairs has been deeply clean, zoom the photos to see the most persistent marks we could not remove during the restoration process.

    The cushion are pending of upholstery so you could still choose what colour or texture from the Sprandling vinyls your would like to use.
    Ask me for send you sample of the colours you like, please!


    Diameter: 135 cm
    Height 74 cm


    McIntosh Teak Sideboard (Sunburst Collection)

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    McIntosh Teak Sideboard (Sunburst Collection)

    Mid-Century sideboard created by Tom Robertson and manufactured by McIntosh in teak wood in the 60s in Scotland. This piece belongs to the Sunburst Collection.

    This sideboard reveals the experience and success of Tom Robertson as a designer. He enhanced the beauty of the sideboard adding the marquetry design of a sunburst to the cupboard’s doors what it makes this pieces an awesome furniture.

    The sideboard is beautifully handcrafted with a vibrant teak. Design and material minutely crafted to reveal an endless sideboard created to survive tendencies and mark influence.


    213 x 45 cm

    Height: 80 cm

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  • white and newton sideboardSold Out

    Rosewood sideboard by White and Newton, England 1960.

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    Rosewood sideboard by White and Newton, England 1960.

    Arthur Edwards designed this stunning Rosewood sideboard for the high-end cabinet maker White and Newton in Portsmouth (England) in the ’60s.

    The sideboard is an unusual piece to come across in the market. A professional restorer has entirely restored it, conserving all its original features, with a refined design, no handles and this gorgeous wavy shape in solid teakwood for the drawers that hide the handles. The rosewood features the sideboard used for its cabinet doors, making this sideboard a stunning piece of furniture.



    L. 209 cm

    W. 45 cm

    H. 76 cm

  • Papillon sideboard by René Bouchara for Roche Bobbois

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    Papillon sideboard by René Bouchara for Roche Bobbois

    Sideboard by René Bouchara for Roche Bobbois. number 92/400

    Born in Paris and educated in New York, René Bouchara imagined a sideboard which evoked images of the grace of a butterfly and at the same time the elegance of a sports car.‎ The glossy lacquer highlights the lines both fluid and racy of this limited-edition piece.‎

    Structure in Daquacryl® (3 mm-thick high gloss PMMA veneer on engineered composite wood, several colours available), with 2 lifting thermo-formed doors.‎ Base in lacquered plywood, col.‎ grey.‎ Shelf in 8 mm-thick clear glass.‎
    Model limited to 400 copies, numbered and signed by the designer.‎



    Length of the top: 181cm

    W: 48cm

    Height: 81cm

  • McIntosh Sideboard (Dunbar Collection)

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    McIntosh Sideboard (Dunbar Collection)

    Designed by Tom Robertson for A.H McIntosh and Co., it was made in the 1960s in Scotland.

    This Mid-Century piece stands out for its balanced design, designed to create symmetry.

    This sideboard has a large storage capacity, with four central drawers, the first of which is adapted for cutlery. In addition, it has closets with two doors on each side; one with a removable tray covered in melamine to be able to prepare your drinks without damaging the wood.

    The teak wood used to create this piece is extremely beautiful with an incredible grain (please zoom in on the photos to appreciate the beauty of the shaped grain teak).


    Length: 213 cm
    Width: 45cm
    Height: 75cm

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  • Sideboard designed by Niels Koefoed for Hornslet in teak made in Denmark

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    Sideboard designed by Niels Koefoed for Hornslet in teak made in Denmark

    Original and unusual Danish sideboard designed by Niels Koefoed for  Hornslet, made of teak wood that incorporates a food hotplate warmer in its central part.

    Being this last detail what makes this piece unique and truly difficult to find nowadays. The beauty of the hotplate is featured by the monochrome print of the Copenhagen harbor in the XVII century.

    The hotplate section has a hinged top which is operated by opening the top drawer.

    It consists of three modules, a central one with 4 large-capacity drawers and two side modules closed by sliding doors.

    This sideboard presents the straight lines typical of Danish furniture, something that brings stability and elegance to the design, making this piece valid for both a home and a workspace.

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