Papillon sideboard by René Bouchara for Roche Bobbois

Sideboard by René Bouchara for Roche Bobbois. number 92/400

Born in Paris and educated in New York, René Bouchara imagined a sideboard which evoked images of the grace of a butterfly and at the same time the elegance of a sports car.‎ The glossy lacquer highlights the lines both fluid and racy of this limited-edition piece.‎

Structure in Daquacryl® (3 mm-thick high gloss PMMA veneer on engineered composite wood, several colours available), with 2 lifting thermo-formed doors.‎ Base in lacquered plywood, col.‎ grey.‎ Shelf in 8 mm-thick clear glass.‎
Model limited to 400 copies, numbered and signed by the designer.‎



Length of the top: 181cm

W: 48cm

Height: 81cm