Ten Niels Moller Oak dining chairs model 75, 1960.


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Niels Moller designed the iconic Model 75 chair in 1954, which was handcrafted in oak for J. L. Møller stolefabrik in Denmark.

The set consists of 10 chairs, including 8 dining chairs and 2 chairs with armrests. These chairs are an iconic representation of the Mid-Century era and boast all their original features. It is rare to come across a set that is made of oak and paper-cord and is in excellent condition with its original varnish still intact.

We offer the set in its original condition for £5,000.00. However, if you prefer, you can request a fully restored set with all the wood sanded and refinished for £6,000.00.


Length: 50 cm the armrest length is 67 cm from left to right

Width: 43 cm

Height: 76

Armrest height: 67 cm

Seat height: 44.5 cm