Niels Möller dining extending table for JLM Denmark 1960, in teak


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Niels Möller design this table in Denmark in the ‘50s; handcrafted for the High end cabinet maker JLM.

The table has been fully restored and now boasts a vibrant teakwood grain. It is not only appreciated for its simple yet beautiful design, but also for the delicate manner in which the legs are joined to the table top.The table is completely restored and with a vibrant teakwood grain; the table is featured not only for the beauty of its simple designs but also for the delicate way of jointing the leg with the top of the table.

About Niels Möller, he designed in teak or rosewood, Moller furniture is particularly elegant. They are representative of the post-war Danish style: they are pieces of the highest quality. The “Modèle 75” chairs are very popular with design lovers. Biography Niels Otto Moller was born in Denmark in 1920. He began training as a cabinetmaker in 1939, before studying design at Arhus. In 1944, he founded J.L.Mollers Mobelfabrik. The company designed furniture with simple, timeless curves and rigorous production techniques. The company won prestigious awards such as the Danish Furniture Prize in 1974 and again in 1981. J.L.Mollers Mobelfabrik continues to produce beautiful furniture. The company remains family-owned and run by Jorgen Henrik Moller, son of designer Niels Otto Moller.

J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik is renowned among collectors for its exceptionally crafted vintage chairs, dining tables, and other furniture items. The company has gained an international reputation as a top manufacturer of contemporary Scandinavian furniture by producing refined, long-lasting furniture that prioritizes functional forms over decoration.that favours pared-back functional forms over ornamentation has earned the company an international reputation as a leading manufacturer of modern Scandinavian furniture.


L. 160 cm

W.  90 cm

H.  73 cm

Extensions (2) 35 X 90 cm

Table full extended 230 x 90 H 73 cm