Watercolors Block Spal Porcelain Dinner Service By Mary Lou Goertzen (Trillium) (Portugal)


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Set of 8 dinner services.

Dinner plate diameter 26.5cm
Small Plate 20cm
Bowl diameter 15cm height 6cm
Coffee plate 15cm
Cup diameter 8.7cm Height 6.5cm

SPAL’s History is consistently based on brand’s values. Since its inception, SPAL promotes design, innovation and quality as part of its corporate culture.

Being the first ceramics company to launch a design competition (in 1970), SPAL has, since then, maintained partnerships with schools of design and materials engineering. Its in-house design department – SPAL Studio – fosters not only creativity but also research and development (R&D), which have been leading to constant innovation.

Mary Lou Goertzen was an American artist, peace activist and Mennonite.
She collaborates with Block Spal to create this beautiful pattern.