Teak sideboard (Dunvegan Collection)


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Tom Robertson designed dunvegan sideboard in teak wood for A.H. McIntosh in Scotland in the 1970s.

Tom Robertson updated this model in the early ’70s, belongs to its Dunvegan collection, and has been modified with long legs instead of the metal regulator to give it a more elegant look. This sideboard is divided into three modules:

  • A central cabinet that encloses a sinuous-shaped tray that allows us to store objects of different heights.
  • On the left, we find three drawers, the first one linen for cutlery.
  • To the right is a bar cabinet that surprises us with an extendable tray finished in melamine to support drinks.
  • * Be aware, this time the photos are not for the one we have for sale. Photos are coming very soon.

205 x 45 height 75 cm