Set of four armchair by Dyrlund in teak


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From Dyrlund: “Established in 1960 in Denmark, Dyrlund is dedicated to providing top-quality furniture for high-end homes and executive offices. Our gold-quality seal logo reflects our commitment to producing only the best. They prioritise skilled craftsmanship and experienced employees who work in the traditional craftsmanship style. Much of our furniture is crafted from precious woods and requires expert hand finishing, so it’s imperative to have the right person for the job. Skilled cabinetmakers are our most valuable asset”.
Here are four super comfortable chairs from the ’60s handcrafted in Denmark that can be used in an office or dining room. They are made of extremely beautiful and vibrant teakwood, showcasing all its light veins and forming a superb solid teakwood.
The set features brand-new upholstery from Pepe Peñalver with a soft, inviting touch in a lovely light beige hue.


Length: 60cm

Seat length : 48 cm

Width: 50cm

Height 86cm

Armrest height: 64 cm