A pair of Lounge armchairs (Guy Rogers)


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Guy Rogers, a prominent seating maker of the ’60s, was based in Liverpool. He led a dynamic design team consisting of George Fejer, MSIA FRSA and Eric Pamphilon. Their collaborative efforts resulted in some of the most iconic seating designs of the era. Additionally, they had an exclusive fabric consultant, Margaret Leischner, who designed unique fabrics for them and sourced fabrics from the US, Europe, and the UK. This diverse range of fabrics, including the hand-woven Harris and Donegal Tweeds, became a hallmark of vintage Guy Rogers pieces from the 1960s. Some of their best creations were sold in London by Heal.

The pair we discovered is a truly exceptional piece, crafted from the finest elmwood. As is our practice, we meticulously sanded the wood to preserve its original pale hue, a testament to its natural beauty. To ensure its longevity, we treated and protected it with the ultra-transparent Renner varnish, allowing us to admire the raw elm without fear of staining. This careful process underscores the value we place on each piece we encounter.

The pair comes with new uphosltery from Pepe Peñalver



From right to left 70 cm interior 54 cm

From foward to rear, 84 cm and the seat pad 54 cm

Height of the lounge 83 cm

Height of the armrest 50 cm

Height of the seat: 45 cm