Oak Armchair by Sergio Ramírez


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Oak armchair designed by Brazilian Sergio Ramírez.

Although we cannot affirm that it is an original piece, since it lacks a signature, this armchair follows the particular lines of Sergio Ramírez’s design.

The armchair is made of oak and black leather.

The peculiarity of this design is focused on how it leaves the seat exposed, as shown in the photos; Making this piece super comfortable, both for long talks and for a good rainy afternoon reading a book.

The wood has been restored both structurally and at the finishing level. The seat fabric is in good condition but has some marks as shown in a photo, they do not affect its use.

Additional measures:

Length: 77.5cm

Width: 70.5cm

Seat height: 46 cm

Armrest height: 62 cm

Overall height: 76cm


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