Mid Century McIntosh Dunvegan Sideboard (Metal Handles)


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A.H Mcintosh of Kirkcaldy mid-century ‘Dunvegan’ sideboard.

The sideboard is a stunning and iconic design by Tom Robertson for a. H McIntosh Kirkcaldy. This sideboard is well proportionated and light on its feet. Elegant metal handles add extra beauty to this streamlined design. The cupboard and drawers gave you plenty of storage to easily organize your dining living room. One of its features is its first cutlery drawer. Created in the ’60s in Scotland.

The cabinet on the right has a double-hinged drop-down door with a designated drinks storage area. At the top of this cupboard is a concealed pull out slide tray with a melamine surface for drink preparation. Again, itsThe sideboard well-thought design makes this a popular sideboard.

Condition report:

Materials: Beautifully crafted from teak.
Wood Finish: All surfaces are sanded and re-polished with high-quality oils to give a ‘good as new’ professional finish.
Construction: Joints are stress-tested to ensure they are sturdy and solid.
All items shown are fully restored and ready for shipping