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This rare and exquisite sideboard, signed by the esteemed Trevor Chinn F.S.I.A.D in 1979, is a timeless piece handcrafted in the opulent Rio Rosewood by the renowned.R. Bearcroft. This unique piece was exclusively showcased and sold at their prestigious location in cabinet maker C, made for Gordon Russell Ltd. and Broadway, Worcestershire. Featuring an L-shaped design with all original features, including a built-in handle for its drawers, a lower sideboard with sliding doors enclosing a bank of 5 interior drawers, and a hidden cocktail compartment, this piece is both practical and stunning. Its significant dimensions make it an essential and impressive addition to any office or home.In 1979, Trevor Chinn F.S.I.A.D signed this sideboard, which was handcrafted in Rio Rosewood by the well-known cabinet maker C.R. Bearcroft. The desk was sold by Gordon Russell Ltd. at Broadway, Worcestershire.

This L-shaped desk has retained all of its original features. It has a built-in handle for its drawers on the right side (the top one includes a sliding organiser tray) and a lower sideboard in the shape of an L with sliding doors that enclose a bank of 5 interior drawers. Additionally, there is a cocktail compartment at the back side of the sideboard. The sideboard’s significant dimensions make it an essential addition to any office or home.

This time, the desk remains in the same condition as when we found it. The desk, made of Rio Rosewood, is in excellent condition and does not require any restoration. It has some minor marks that do not affect its beauty. Restoring this piece would be costly and time-consuming, and it would not enhance its beauty.

We have the Cities certificate.


Length: 214 cm

Width: 184 cm

Height 72 cm