Everest sideboard


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Everest, a medium-sized cabinet maker based in Long Eaton, England, is a rare gem in the industry. Though their products are not as prolific as G-Plan or McIntosh, they carry a unique charm that sets them apart.
Everest’s designs are a constant source of surprise, consistently pushing the boundaries of boldness and innovation. Drawing inspiration from the exact characteristics of Scandinavian designs, they infuse their products with unexpected organic features.
In our search, we discovered that Everest employed Andrew Milne, a talented designer who worked for Heals in the ’60s and signed some of the company’s best pieces.

The cabinet we are offering is a beautifully handcrafted drink sideboard made from vibrant teak wood. It retains all of its original features, including the stunning shaped handles, the bar compartment, and its useful drawers with built-in handles.


L. 138 cm

W. 47 cm

H. 103 cm