Mid-Century Ercol Rocking Chair In Light Elm


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Mid Century Ercol rocking chair in light elm. This rocking chair was designed in the 1960s by the furniture designer Lucian Ercolani for the manufacturer Ercol.

The shape and functionality make it an iconic design that continues to influence design and manufacture to this day.

This Ercol rocking chair is an old example of how elm was used. Nowadays, the new editions are heavier and made in Oak, Ash or Beech.

Ercol was established 101 years ago in 1920 by Italian designer Lucian R Ercolani in High Wycombe, the centre of English furniture making.

Although he intended to design and produce relevant and honest furniture, design and people were the cornerstones of his company from the very beginning. This remains true of the company today as it remains family-owned with Lucian’s grandson and great-grandson both in the business to continue his beliefs today. Design has always been at the heart of Ercol and has influenced a whole generation of designers worldwide.


Total height 94cm

Seat height 31cm

Armrest height 70cm

Total Length 76cm

Inside length 52cm

Total Width 78cm

Condition report:

This rocking chair was in a very poor state when it came to our workshop, thanks to our expertise restorer who use all his skills the rocking chair looks beautiful and sturdy and it is ready for a new life.

Professionally restorer, dismantle in full some parts remade with old elmwood to match the texture and colour.

It has been sanded and re-polished with an extra transparent finish to show the beauty of the elm grain.