Dyrlund dining table in teak


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This stunning and timeless dining table represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship, meticulously handcrafted by the esteemed Danish furniture company Dyrlund in the 1960s.

Dyrlund’s long-standing reputation for unparalleled furniture design has earned them a place in the offices of numerous heads of state. The table’s exquisite features include a seamlessly integrated extension mechanism, elegantly supported by intricately designed pedestal legs.

The vibrant teakwood, carefully selected and expertly finished, exudes warmth and character, making this table a captivating centerpiece for any dining space. Every detail of this masterpiece speaks to the artistry and enduring quality of Dyrlund’s furniture legacy.

The table features storage for the extension.


Extended: 255 x 115 cm

Closed: 76.5 x 115 cm

Height: 72 cm

Each Extension: 45 x 115 cm