Dining table in teak, Fonseca Collection Model 746 by A. Younger 1960.


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John Herbert was well known to be one of the first British influenced by the Danish Modern style, producing high-quality, well-crafted, low-volume furniture for cabinet maker A. Younger Ltd.

This table was awarded from the Furniture Makers’ Guild in 1960. It is an unusual table to find in the market and it was produced for Heals in the late ’60s.  This example of a table is featured for the elegance and fine way the designer created the joint between the leg and the structure table. The beauty of the handcrafting and the mixture of the teakwood and the afromorsia make this table a timeless piece of furniture.

Herbert was an accomplished designer: in 1960 he won three awards from the Furniture Makers’ Guild for a sideboard and two tables, one from the Fonseca range.



L.182.5 cm

W. 78 cm

H. 74 cm