Dining Table & Chairs Set by David Rowland for Howe, 1970s, Set of 5

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This piece has an attribution mark, I am sure that it is completely authentic and take full responsibility for any authenticity issues arising from misattribution

Additional Item Information
This is a beautiful set of 4 chairs and a table In white melamine and steel stainless.
The bottom of the pedestal table is made in Aluminium.
Table and chairs are in excellent conditions. Only a minor chick in a chair and little sings in the table top about 2mm zoom photos to see what I mean.
Table Diameter 100cm
Height 71cm
Height 75
Seat height 44
Width 42.5 rear forward
Length 45 left to right

Detailed Condition
Excellent — This vintage piece is in near original condition. It may show minimal traces of use and/or have slight restorations.

Additional Condition Information
A minor dent on a chair, 2mm mark on the tabletop

Additional information

Weight -40 kg
Dimensions 100 × 70.5 cm


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