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  • White and Newton sideboard (Peterfield collection)

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    White and Newton sideboard (Peterfield collection)

    This sideboard is a handcrafted piece from the 1960s, designed by Philip Hussey and made by the renowned cabinet maker White and Newton in Portsmouth, England. Hussey created this piece for the Peterfields Collection, featuring light teakwood, curved lines on the top and a flat front with minimalist built-in handles. This sideboard’s elegant and timeless design showcases Hussey’s mastery of his craft and the exceptional quality of White and Newton’s workmanship.

    Philip is one of the unsung heroes of British furniture design who deserves to be far better known! As a young man of 24, he was appointed to replace Arthur Edwards as head designer of White and Newton in 1964. They were then a successful medium-sized maker of contemporary furniture, which was a little conservative in style. In the late 1960s, he pushed some boundaries, particularly in some of his sideboard designs, which moved White and Newton into a much more modern, stylish, minimalist direction. Some of these designs were very popular and came up for sale quite frequently, while others were too ahead of their time and are unfortunately rarely seen today. When they do appear, they’re now recognised as design classics.

    We have one in stock pending restoration (photos belongs the last one we had)


    Length: 208 cm
    Depth: 46 cm
    Height: 72 cm