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    A Younger Dining Table (Fonseca Collection)

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    A Younger Dining Table (Fonseca Collection)

    Dining table designed by John Herbert for the prestigious English brand Younger, in England in the 1960s. This model belongs to the Fonseca collection.

    This table, like the McIntosh T3 table, has two extensions, however John Herbert in the design of this table added the extensions at the head of the tables. With a hidden drawer system, we open and find the extensions, thus achieving, thanks to J. Herbert’s design, keeping the entire main top.

    The work of the meeting between the leg and the structure that holds the boards is very clean and on the same level, which enhances the beauty of the meeting, leaving the structure clean of shadows.


    Table closed: 175 x 94 cm

    Each extension: 34 x 94 cm

    Extended table: 243 x 94 cm

    Height: 73cm

    Some information about the creator and manufacturer

    A Younger Ltd was a leading British furniture manufacturer in the 1950s and 1960s. They produced low-volume, high-quality, well-made furniture for the upper end of the market, sold through independent retailers. They were among the first British furniture companies to adopt the modern Danish style in the 1950s and the first to abandon it in search of a new style in the late 1960s.

    John Herbert was the principal designer for A Younger Ltd from 1955-1970 and designed most of his pieces until Alan Pledge joined him in 1967/68. In the mid-1950s, he led A Younger into making Danish-inspired modernist furniture, putting the company at the forefront of British business. Herbert was an accomplished designer: in 1960, he won three Furniture Makers Guild Awards for a sideboard and two tables, one of which was from the Fonseca range. In the late 1960s Herbert and Pledge took the company in a new direction, designing and launching the Toledo range in 1972.

    You can find more extendable tables in the Vintage14 catalogue.

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    Mid-Century Dining Table by John Herbert in teak, Fonseca collection

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    Mid-Century Dining Table by John Herbert in teak, Fonseca collection

    Dining table from the 1960s, designed by John Herbert for the British brand A Younger.

    This table belongs to the Fonseca collection that J Herbert created in the mid-1960s. Manufactured with a solid afromorsia structure and frame and teak tops.

    It is an extendable dining table that houses an inner board that unfolds like the wings of a butterfly, providing an additional extension of 45.5 cm to the table.

    Additional measures:

    Closed 144 x 89 cm; height 73cm

    Open 189.5 x 89 cm; height 73cm

    Extension 45.5 x 89 cm

  • Sideboard from Younger (Sequence Collection)

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    Sideboard from Younger (Sequence Collection)

    John Herbert designed this sideboard in the United Kingdom in the 1960s for the A Younger brand.

    This sideboard belongs to the Sequence collection, where the artistic maturity of J Herbert and the influence of the design of the Scandinavian school, so necessary in the 60s, is noticeable.

    This piece of furniture consists of two modules, one with four drawers and the other with two doors.

    Built with teak and afrormosia, it has a structural frame, legs and handles in solid teak.


    167×45.5 Height 79cm