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  • Dining set (White and Newton)

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    Dining set (White and Newton)

    This scarce set, meticulously crafted by the esteemed brand White and Newton, showcases an extendable table and four chairs, all hewn from the enduring allure of teak. Originating from the 60s in Portsmouth, this set is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to quality and style.
    With an impeccable design and straight, clean lines.
    Philip Hussey is a visionary designer who has left an indelible mark on our brand with his Scandinavian-inspired creations.
    This time, Philip surprised us with this table and chairs set that we found in the Hull area of the United Kingdom, a place known for its rich history and tradition of fine craftsmanship.
    The entire set is made of teak wood with a beautiful grain whole of light and dark.
    The set consists of an extendable table and a set of four chairs. The chairs are pending upholstery, so if you decide on this set you can order the finish you would like for the upholstery.
    Restored to its former glory by our team of skilled artisans, this entire set is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. The teak wood has been rejuvenated, ensuring its timeless beauty endures for years to come. Every component has been meticulously inspected and flawlessly reassembled, guaranteeing its impeccable functionality.

    Table measurements:
    Closed: 138 x 88 cm height 72 cm
    Open: 191 x 88 cm Height 72 cm
    Extension: 52 cm

    Backrest height: 72 cm
    Seat height: 44cm

  • Mid-Century Sideboard by Nathan

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    Mid-Century Sideboard by Nathan

    Mid-Century teak sideboard designed in England by the well-known cabinet maker Nathan.

    The sideboard has a bank of three drawers on a side an a cupboard enclosed by two doors.

    This sideboard is a high-end piece framed in solid teak with beautiful and organic round handles.


    LxA: 183x45cm

    Height: 72cm

    You may find more sideboards in the Vintage14 catalogue.