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    Set of six Erik Buch chairs in teak, Denmark 1960.

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    Set of six Erik Buch chairs in teak, Denmark 1960.

    Erik Buch made these chairs in Denmark in the ’60s. This model is a rare and unusual model to come across; it conserves all the features of the other ranges designed by Erik Buch, the same curved organic joint used for the meeting between the leg and the backrest, so particular from this designer. The chairs have a beautiful bend in the backrest which makes this chair son comfortable.

    The chairs will be delivered with new upholstery so the buyer can choose the colours. We offer a selection of Linen by Baumann Creation Baudolino Collection or Vinyls by Spradling. Follow the links to select a colour.  Let us know if you need us to arrange delivery of samples, please.



    L. 47 cm

    W. 43 cm

    H. 74 cm

    SH 44 cm


  • Mid-Century Sideboard by Nathan

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    Mid-Century Sideboard by Nathan

    Mid-Century teak sideboard designed in England by the well-known cabinet maker Nathan.

    The sideboard has a bank of three drawers on a side an a cupboard enclosed by two doors.

    This sideboard is a high-end piece framed in solid teak with beautiful and organic round handles.


    LxA: 183x45cm

    Height: 72cm

    You may find more sideboards in the Vintage14 catalogue.

  • Mid-Century Set of 4 Teak Chairs (1960s)

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    Mid-Century Set of 4 Teak Chairs (1960s)

    Set of 4 original Danish Mid-Century teak chairs from the 1960s.

    Its beautiful structure in light teak and the contrast with its white upholstery make this set of chairs a versatile and safe bet to highlight an interior in both a modern and contemporary style.

    At the same time as elegant, the design of their backrest makes them very comfortable, uniting two fundamental factors in furniture design, style and comfort.

    The ergonomic backrest and slim legs give this chair set the characteristic look of the period.

    The structure has been revised by our restorers and the upholstery is new. The set is ready for a second life.

    Additional measures

    Length48 cm

    Depth 44cm

    Seat height 43cm

    Backrest height 77 cm


    You can find more sets of chairs in the Vintage14 catalogue.